Modern girl, vintage soul...

I am an old soul in a modern world... I grew up not surfing waves, but instead surfing the hand carts used to set up and tear down a crafters booth. I am lucky to have been raised in the midst of many creative family members. I am from and live in the great state of North Dakota which is a truly beautiful place in so many ways. My great grandparents made exquisite ceramics, as a kid my Holidays were spent around the table crafting with all generations of women. Best of all, I have learned so much from my mom has started more than a few handmade businesses selling vintage desserts and delectables as well as jewelry and clothing for a time (she now helps with Bonne Amie Boutique and I couldn't do it without her!)

I am a nurse during the day and an artist at night and on the weekends (though no one could deny Nursing is an art as well)! I am sure there are many others who can identify with having more than one direction you are running towards and away from in this life. I created Bonne Amie Boutique (Bonne Amie - bô na-mē' - French for good friend) with the help of my sister Sarah and my mom Joy and I love every minute of it.

My shop features mostly vintage inspired clutch purses and accessories. My goal is to create items that will never be out of style! Every time I hear "Cha Ching" from my Esty app I get so excited to see what I have sold and where it is going and who it is going to. I feel so lucky to have been able to have customers/friends from almost every state and multiple countries including Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France & Switzerland. I love it!

If you have found yourself in this shop it is likely we would be/will be friends!



find me on: instagram: @bonneamieboutique

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